Tofu recipe with tamari

I recently bought new tamary sauce and it is time to make use of it 🙂 

This is nice recipe to try how it combines with tofu.


Tamari-Miso Tofu and Veggies

1. Press the tofu about 15 minutes, draining occasionally, then cut into cubes. Spray a skillet with nonstick and then cook over medium-high until golden brown (I just went with about 5 minutes here. I didn’t mind my tofu on the softer side). Set tofu cubes aside. Wipe out skillet, then spray with nonstick for the stirfry.
2. Meanwhile, prep veggies and mix together the tamari-miso sauce. When skillet is ready to go, add all the veggies at once (no broccoli to slow down cooking time) and the tofu. Let cook over high for about three minutes. Then add the sauce. Stirfry for about another minute or two, or until the veggies and tofu have some time to absorb the sauce.
3. Serve with rice noodles, a slice of lime, and some additional siracha and maybe some additional Bragg’s (if you made the sauce with it).

For detailed instructions refer to original article for tofu recipe

I love tofu for its simplicity and diversity. It can taste just whatever you desire. And is healthy as well!

What do you think?

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