What Is Tofu

If you are not vegan but prefer meat there is a chance you really don’t know what tofu is. So, what is tofu? Well it is a great food that can substitute meat. It is completely plant based food and is made of soy. Why can tofu substitute meat you ask? Because it is filled with proteins. It contains all essential amino-acids similar to meat. It has many other benefits and is really quite healthy food. 

So there is no need to be afraid of trying tofu. Well the taste itself is not similar to meat but tofu can also taste great. Key to taste good is to drain it well before marinating. Then it can absorb any taste from marinade and make delicious food. How to cook tofu? Very easy.

Tofu can be used in almost every meal, including desserts. It makes great chocolate tofu pudding or smoothie. 


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