How to make vegan tofu barbecue

Barbecue is great, you can make so many different foods. Barbecued meat is delicious but there plenty ofspace for vegetarian and vegan barbecues. However when you prepare vegetarian barbecue for meat eaters it is not zhat simple. People have lots of prejudice to vegan food. And you usually have only one attempt for them to try it. Do not blow it or they might never try it again 🙂

There are lots of vegan meat substitutes like tofu, seitan, burgers that are very good for grilling.

Here are some tips:

The first thing for a successful veggie barbecue is plenty of meaty-looking traditional barbecue fare – sausages, burgers, and marinated fillets. If your meat-eating friends can wrap their burgers up in baps, and splice their hot-dogs into buns, then they won’t be stepping too far outside their comfort zone – and the battle is half won. There are plenty of excellent meat-substitute products, based on soya, tofu or mycoprotein, that look and taste like the real thing. If you’re feeling devious, you can even avoid mentioning the dreaded v-word at all! Just remember to stock up on the requisite meaty accompaniments; relishes, mustard, ketchup and onions.

There are more tips for preparing vegetarian barbecue your friends will love. Check it out.

My favourite is tofu becouse you can marinade to taste sooooo delicious. Cooking tofu is so simple.

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