Great Tofu Recipes

Before checking tofu recipes read further tips for cooking tofu. Tofu is quite unordinay food. Many people like it and many dislike it. The reason for disliking is mostly it’s non delicious non-distinct mild taste. It has also strange texture and it is not very tasty on its own. Tofu stir fry with red cabbage But if you prepare it properly it can taste delicious. For everyones taste. Yes, everyone can like it. The main reason that everybody can like tofu is that it can taste almost whatever you like. It acts like a flavour sponge and absorbs other flavours. So if you prepare delicious marinade that you like it will absorb the taste from it and you will definitelly like tofu. But there is one catch. If you want tofu to absorb all flavours you have to remove existing water out of it. Otherwise it will taste like that water… Not very good. So before you start marinating or cooking tofu you have to remove existing water from it. Press it, dry fry it or squeeze it. But do remeber to remove as much water out of it. It will make all the difference when cooking. You can marinate tofu for days but if you don’t remove water out of it it will absorb only a fraction of the flavours it could absorb if it was properly drained. That is it. Cooking tofu is relly simple.
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