Another great tofu stir fry with ginger

I can never get enough of tofu stir fry. Ther are so many varieties and they all taste fantastic. You can use only one or two ingredients or huge variety, more than 10 veggies. And both variations will be delicious. You only have to know few tips for cooking tofu and you will be preparing yourself wonderful meal.

Most of the preparation time requires to prepare all ingredients before cooking. After that it is all done in less than 10 minutes. And cooking is so easy and fun when all ingredients are chopped and prepared. And… action!


The idea is from this great tofu recipe (

For the delicious stir-fry sauce, start by sauteeing the garlic, green onions, and ginger. Next, add vegetable broth, dry sherry, soy sauce, black bean sauce, sugar, and sesame oil; bring to a simmer, then set aside.

Next, you’ll saute the bok choy stalks and snow peas, then add the bok choy leaves, corn, radishes, and tofu. Stir in the sauce, toss until everything is well coated and glazed, and you’re done! 

Gingered Vegetable Tofu Stir-Fry

(image is from original recipe:

For more details refer to original recipe. This picture looks soooo delicious and tasty I could never take as good one as those.

Check also some other great tofu recipes.

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