What is the secret of cooking tofu?

What is the secret of cooking tofu? If you need to use only part of a block of tofu, drain, rinse and soak in cool water in a clean container and sealed. Store in refrigerator for at most a few days. Tofu, a great source of soy protein, also has a high calcium and magnesium. There is no such thing as just “tofu. It comes in a variety of textures, hardness, and flavor. Tofu is increasingly popular among vegetarians and meat eaters at a time and with reason. Tofu is well suited to a wide range of tastes and cooking techniques. With all the health benefits of tofu have many to offer, you can try some of our delicious recipes tofu tonight!

Tofu is not something you want as you would cheese. When we look at the beige, gelatinous substance, you may wonder how it is made from soybeans, which many of us the image of their green, edamame were immature. Tofu is really a “curd” of a milky liquid extracted from soybeans mature you press cakes. Do not be worried about calories in tofu.

Firm tofu drained and pressed in before being cooked. You want to beat your tofu dry with paper towel, then cut the block into several pieces. Place the tofu pieces on top of several paper towels and place towels on top of several other tofu.

The important thing to realize is spongy tofu absorbs the flavor of the spices and cooking foods. This spongy texture can become stronger, if the water is drained and the water transfer tofu. To remove most of the excess fluid, which can wrap the tofu in paper towels (towel to prevent not deleted) and set a heavy book for about ten minutes.

The use of tofu in the kitchen is only limited by your imagination. You can do something for her, including mashed potatoes, mix, whip, grind, crumble, marinate, simmer, steam, bake, broil, jump, grilling, roasting and frying. Hot or cold, cooked or uncooked, your options for using tofu are unlimited.

Silken tofu has a high water content, are very fragile and are best used in soups and salads. He has a puree, creamy texture and consistency of a soft cream. It is totally inappropriate for stir-fries, and dissolves easily when you stir-fryAsk if your store has “firm tofu” or “pressed tofu”.

Basically, you want to buy extra-firm or firm tofu if you want the tofu to hold its shape – if you plan to marinate and grill or bake your tofu into slices or cubes, and if you stir fry them. If you mix the tofu with other ingredients to make a smoothie, creamy filling, or spread or use as a substitute for fat in the dough or a dish of minced meat, the use of soft tofu or silky. Learn about other secrets of cooking tofu.

Marinating tofu is a great way to add flavor to it. Start with a solid or tofu even stronger because it is more porous and has more space to absorb the liquid. Cut the tofu into small pieces and soak in your favorite marinade. Marinated Tofu can be used in casseroles, or in cold dishes like salads.

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