Eating tofu instead of steak or chicken is a good thing

Steve Smith is the perfect person to say to the men and boys of the world that eating tofu instead of steak or chicken sometimes is a good thing. He is a pro football player who has found success on and off of the field. Whether he is playing an integral role in securing a Super Bowl victory or advocating for his favorite charities, he succeeds.

Tofu is a “Money Food”. I know that the healthier I eat, the better shape I’m in, and the better performer I become on the field.”, Steve Smith.

The partnership with Steve Smith as a House Foods America Brand Ambassador will include a microsite that is scheduled to launch on March 10. The microsite will include giveaways of signed memorabilia, sweepstakes, and much more. In addition to the microsite, Smith will periodically announce tie-in events and giveaway promotions to his fans on Facebook and Twitter. 


“Because of its soybean constituency, Tofu is a SUPER FOOD! As such, our Tofu products contain a high concentration of essential nutrients that can attribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Tofu’s most important nutrient is soy protein. Soy protein is the only plant-based protein that has all of the eight essential amino acids, thus making it a “Complete Protein.””


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So…. Why not give tofu a chance? Cooking tofu is easy.

Fins a tofu recipe that suits you and go for it.

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