Korean Tofu Soup

There is an estimated more than 400 recipes of tofu dishes, not counting all the different variations of the same dish. When cooking tofu soup It’s usually important not to overcook the veggies in this soup, so it doesn’t develop a strong boiled taste. Tofu calories are  low  and tofu soup is even better if you are worried for calorie intake.

Here is a nice review of Toh Dam Tofu Korean restaurant. It looks like really good restaurant and a must to visit if nearby. Unfortunately for me Korea is as near as this restaurant so it may take a while to go there 🙂

Of course Toh Dam Tofu’s namesake suggests that they serve soondubu (tofu soup), which they do and it is gooooood. I like that their version is not as salty as others that I’ve had, and the chunks of soft tofu bobbling around in the soup are creamy and flavor-laden of the savory, fiery kimchi pork broth that I sampled on a recent visit.


Check out this nice image (taken from http://blogs.ajc.com/food-and-more/2011/03/16/first-impressions-toh-dam-the-t…):

Dakgomtang - chicken soupBossam


Nice food inthere… What do you think?

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