Tofu is good for your health

It has been invented ages ago. But tofu is gaining its popularity even now. More and more people are starting to regularly include it into their diet. Not only vegetarians and vegan to replace meat. Even ‘meat-eaters’ use it more than ever before. Not only can it taste fantastic but it is also good for your health and helps to not get overweight.

Why is it good? Because tofu is made of soy.

A soybean has a combination of nutrients, with low fat content and sodium level. This powerful combination is the significant reason why it offers a lot of health benefits to its consumers. First, it is an excellent source of iron. For 100 grams only, it could provide 30 percent of the recommended daily value for iron. 

Check out other health benefits of tofu:

Thus, with its iron, copper, selenium, manganese and large doses of antioxidants, tofu not only promotes strong muscles but also of energy production as well. 

It has isoflavones, a weak form of estrogen that helps maintain estrogen balance, which is needed for women during menopausal stage, reducing hot flashes and its severity. 

With abundant calcium, tofu is a protection diet against bone weakness, bone loss, osteoporosis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Furthermore, it is also a good source of selenium. Selenium is important in the proper function of your antioxidant system, which reduces the level of damaging free radicals in your body.

It also contains no cholesterole and is a perfect protein and great alternative to meat. You can never go wrong when substituting meat for tofu. Cooking with tofu is simple and delicious. 

Not only that it is healthy tofu also contains few calories compared to meat, cheese or many other food.


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