3 Fantastic Ways on How to Cook Tofu

Wondering how to cook tofu properly? Well, here are some methods to cook wonderful tofu cuisines.

1) You can create a cheesecake or custard with tofu. Silken tofu is ideal for making these desserts. You can opt to add in cream cheese and heavy salves on the tofu as well. This will enable you to produce high protein yet delicious desserts.

2) Transform the tofu right into a smoothie. To do this, you should make sure that you make use of precooked and smooth tofu. Proceed to put in some fresh berries, vanilla flavoring, sugar, ice and soymilk. Then you can blend the mixture and form a healthy, smoothie drink.

3) Simmer tofu. You can choose to simmer crumbles of firm tofu in your favorite, soup broth or marinade. Simmer at the very least 10 minutes in order to extract the tofu natural flavor. Let the tofu mix well with the soup or marinade.

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